Diamondback Engineering

Standard Services

Our design services typically offered are as follows:



 * Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems

 * Exhaust systems

 * Direct Digital Control (DDC) systems

 * Piped heating and cooling water generation and distribution 



 * Florida Energy Code compliant Interior lighting

 * Exterior lighting

 * Emergency lighting

 * ADA compliant Fire alarm design

 * Telecommunications raceway and pathways

 * Power distribution

 * Energy management control

 * Motion sensor control

 * Daylight harvesting


Fire Protection

 * NFPA compliant fire protection design

 * Hydraulic Calculations



 * Domestic cold and hot water

 * Domestic waste and vent 

 * Roof drain and piping

 * Natural gas piping

Specialized Systems


Due to our experience and specialized knowledge, Diamondback Engineering can also offer the following specialized engineering services:


 * Building system evaluations

 * Bid Reviews

 * UPS system design for the most critical facility

 * Emergency backup power

 * Preaction fire suppression systems

 * FM200 systems

 * Lightning protection

 * Construction administration

 * Documentation of existing building infrastructure